Here @ Aidkits, we will always endeavour to be sure you are satisfied with your transaction

Please contact us directly if you would like to organise a large supply

Aidkits offer a 12 month warranty on all our suppliers’ products

You are entitled to return products to us & receive a refund, exchange or replacement if
– the product has a fault that was unknown to you by purchasing from our descriptions
– the product is not the same as we described to you
– the product does not fulfil the role it was supposed to as advertised by us

Aidkits operate out of various different locations around the country – sometimes you’ll receive your first aid kits &/or supplies & equipment in a box you don’t recognise. We try not to spend money on unnecessary packaging, so if we’ve sourced something from one of our suppliers & it’s already in a quality ready-to-ship container, we’ll just ship it as is. Makes sense, right? Packaging, after all, is 1 of the largest costs of the products you purchase, so we try to remove that in order to keep our prices down for the end user

No, we don’t sell the St Johns kits.  We all know what an exemplary service St Johns Ambulance offers the community – they’re undoubtedly leaders in first aid training, volunteering at events & community gatherings, helping transport the needy, lifelink communication  + many other services. Naturally, they also sell 1st aid kits, which are as you’d expect – functional & relatively priced
However, here at Aidkits we are focussed purely on the kits, so we can offer you more in variety, more purpose specific, & better pricing as we are able to cut away all the middlemen
Let’s leave all that other good work to St John – we’ll look after all your first aid kits with best price & practice. Call us on 1300 858 699 to discuss